Saturday, July 24, 2010

the end where i begin

this image quality is crap, and completely ruins the amazing clothes maurie & eve have created for their winter 2010 collection. i took advantage of a lazy night, and searched everywhere for something i could put up here that would somewhat represent what i like/wish/want to wear on a daily basis and maurie & eve is exactly it. looking through their spring/fall/winter collection, i honestly could not find one thing that i would not wear (not even shoes, and i'm sorta picky about those).
they're my favorite, hands down.

but...completely changing the subject. i'm going to start putting up more pictures of what i wear on a daily basis, that was the plan from the beggining anyway, and i hate that i haven't been doing what i set out to do. and i'm also going to put up pictures of all the wonderful things i've been purchasing over the summer at none other than my favorite place in the universe (aside from disneyworld), ebay.


via maurie&eve


  1. Maurie & Eve i fantastic... I love all the colections regulary a feature on my blog! I too have started sharing what I'm wearing occasionally! love you blog!


  2. lovely blog. i see you from
    outfits from Spain, zara,mango..

  3. great post, i loooove yoru blog, just found you today (:


    ps. visit my blog sometime?

  4. great collage and blog, love the simplicity of the lay out

    D E G A I N E